30 Days About Me. Day 23: YouTube

I am participating in a blog challenge this month. It is 30 Days About Me from the blog of a Daily Dose of Toni.

Today is YouTube Videos that are either I am in or that we like.

I watch YouTube a lot on my iPhone when I am waiting in line at the DMV or for some pimply kid to call out my name for a super-sized double whooper with a an extra-large frosty. No folks, I don’t eat like that but I do wait in line for “fast” food.

I watch a lot of short clips of Family Guy and Charlie and Unicorn. My daughter Nicole turned me on to Charlie.

The first video is my sponsorship clip for my Iditarod run.



The second video I just found today, actually. It is Elvira’s Scary Christmas. I love Elvira and I watch her show every week. I have told people that it was the reason for moving to Alaska! If you are a rabid reader of this blog you know by now that I am a huge monster movie fan and Elvira’s Movie Macabre fits right in.



The last video is of a movie that I was an associate producer on. Yep, that’s right folks, my name is in the credits! It is Attack of the Moon Zombies by my friend Christopher R. Mihm and it stars another good friend, Sod Korpi.



What to do you watch on YouTube?


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