30 Days About Me. Day 10: Something that Makes Life Easier

I am partipating in a blog challenge–

It is 30 Days about Me from a Daily Dose of Toni

So far I am loving it! I connected with a few great bloggers and I have read some interesting posts from them. I have even gotten my wife, Michele to participate. Who would think, even after 10 years you can learn things about a person that they share with the world through their blog.

Today’s topic: Something that makes life easier.

Well, I, like most will probably have to say their iPhone. I don’t know if it makes life easier but it makes it much more connected.

I have been drunk on the Apple juice since as far back as I can remember. I used to have one of those little square suitcase type Mac’s with the black and white screen since the early 1990’s.

Right now I have an iPod, a Touch, 2 iPhones, an iPad, a Mac Mini, and my MacBook Pro.

But this isn’t about them. It’s about the iPhone. I use my iPhone for just about everything. I am a Twit-Facing YouTubing Ustream hosting blogging machine.

I use my iPhone for my business. I accept credit cards from an app called PayAnywhere. I keep my track of my work with my client’s on TimeWerks, I keep my calendar with Google Calendar. I have 11 email accounts, 14 twitter accounts, 6 blogs, Linkedin, Skype for video calls and chat, Google voice, an 800 number platform and a GoGo inflight WiFi service, just to name a few.

Paypal for invoicing to clients and impulse purchases on e-Bay and Amazon. My bank, Chase, even lets you take a picture of a check and it will deposit into my account. That is a great feature since the nearest branch is probably 1100 miles away.

For those that want to stalk me I have 5200 check in’s on Foursquare and can say that I have been to every one. I am a newbie to Gowalla but it is still fun.

I use the top of my 4 gigabyte data plan every month and occasionally use my iPhone as a hotspot for my Macbook when I am on the road. I have hosted my radio program, Dog Works Radio from a busy restaurant with my iPhone on more than one occasion.

I use my iPhone for my Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts–since it is not available up here in Alaska. Occasionally I will listen to Pandora, iHeart Radio or audio books.

I use MapMyRide everyday for tracking my dog sledding training runs. Last year alone I ran over 1800 miles on the back of my dog sled with my iPhone on and one time it saved my butt when I took a wrong turn on a trail that I have never been on. Getting lost in the middle of Alaska when the temperature is -25 degree is not something you want to do.

On the trails the music is rockin’ with a playlist that includes Metallica, Rob Zombie/White Zombie, Eminem, Godsmack, Herbie Hancock, and Bob Marley. But just so you know an iPhone will not work at -32 degrees. It shuts itself off and will not turn back on until it is warmed up. And the same goes for a 120 degree sauna.

So, Steve, there are limits to your technological wonder…

With that, I guess you can safely say that my iPhone is the one thing that makes my life a little easier and hey guess what?

If I lose my iPhone there is an app for that too.

Follow my news and updates on Twitter, my whereabouts on Foursquare and  relationship status on Facebook. Or send me a telegram.

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