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Netflix Apocalypse

We saw the warning signs just a couple months ago. Netflix decided to stick it to their most loyal customers and raise prices on their two services: streaming movies and DVDs by mail. I have been a subscriber to Netflix for more than four years. My family and I love their service. In fact, we currently have two plans (part …

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Fortos Fantasy Football: Week 1

What a wild week 1 of the NFL season and Forto’s Fantasy Football. After a tenacious lockout this summer we were all holding our breath hoping that a season would take place. We drafted our teams over Skype with half the league in Colorado and the other in Alaska. Tyler (Juneau) and I (Jinx) were sitting in front of our …

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American Red Cross Badge on Foursquare

Last year the American Red Cross offered a badge on Foursquare for all of us blood donors out there. I can remember thinking to myself: now this is a good badge to get. Not only am I doing good in my neighborhood but also getting a cool badge for my collection. This week the Red Cross re-released the badge for …

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