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American Red Cross Badge on Foursquare

Last year the American Red Cross offered a badge on Foursquare for all of us blood donors out there. I can remember thinking to myself: now this is a good badge to get. Not only am I doing good in my neighborhood but also getting a cool badge for my collection. This week the Red Cross re-released the badge for …

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ESPN Foam Finger Badge on Foursquare

I am a huge sports fan! I love football, hockey, baseball, lacrosse and even cricket and futbol. Foursquare honors the sports nuts of the world with a new badge. It is the ESPN Foam Finger. The unlock text reads: Your voice is raspy. Your legs are sore. Your team couldn’t do it without you. High five, you’re a true sports …

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Fair Food: Donut Burger

I don’ t know about you but I go to the State Fair for the food. I love all the favorites: funnel cake, corn dogs, roasted turkey legs, cot to candy and ice cream. But I love all the new things that they are serving up. Everything from chocolate covered bacon to deep fried butter on a stick! My family …

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