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Foursquare vs. Gowalla

First let me preface this by saying I am a 40 year old self proclaimed tech geek that is a father of three, have a successful dog training business in Denver, Colorado, and I am running down a dream in Alaska. I am rarely seen without my iPhone in my hand and I hardly ever use it for phone calls. …

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The KGB, troopers and breaking the law

Picture this: Last night I am heading down KGB Road on my way home. No, it is not named after the Russian spy organization but it DOES drive past Redingtonville. If you know anything about mushing you know who Joe Redington is. Well, his namesake-homestead is still a very active kennel on the Knik Goose Bay Road. As I was …

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The Daily Post: IntoNow

Okay, okay, I may be a dork but with the breadth of technology that is literally in the palm of our hands how could we not all dream of being the next George Jetson? I have also been drunk on the Apple juice for far too long. My iPhone is going 18-20 hours a day–texting, Twit-facing, You-tubing, surfing and occasionally …

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