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Walk in smoke house project

After about a month of evenings and weekends working in the bright daylight in the land of the midnight sun, our walk in smoke house is finished at the Fort. We had planned on building our smokehouse for over a year since seeing our friend, Marvin “PeeWee” Rankin’s. I knew right from the start that he and I and my …

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Foursquare, goodbye

There comes a time in every man’s life when he just has to let go. For some it is the 30 inch waist line they had back in high school when they woo’ed the girls in their acid washed jeans and pegged legs. For others it is that hobby of collecting Beanie Babies that their neighbor announced on Facebook and …

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The Rise of the Killer Squirrel

It all started innocently enough, I bought a little bird feeder this spring and began feeding the birds as the last of the snow began to melt up here in the Great White North. Some days there would be a couple dozen birds flying to and fro scooping up the cornucopia of seeds. About three weeks into spring a baby …

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