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Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

For most Americans the Fourth of July is to celebrate the freedom of this great nation and to be thankful for all those who have un-selfishly answered to call to duty in times of war and peace. The day commemorates the first place in the world where rule of law and civil society have been established; where if anyone willing …

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On this day…

May 18, 1980: Mount St. Helens erupts in Washington, United States killing 57 people and causing $3 billon in damage.

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The Daily Post: The New Commodore 64

All of my friends, fans and rabid readers know by now that I am a geek, a nerd, a techie (not a TREKKIE) and a guy that loves his gadgets. I formed a company back in the late 1990’s called The Nerd Herd, before the name was stolen and used on a lame T.V. show on N.B.C. That’s my story …

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