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As Seen on TV Gift Extravaganza. Day 5: Shoes Under

Hey wait a minute, now that I am living in the middle of no-where in the Great State of Alaska, the Mall of America, one of my favorite hang outs by the way, is over 4000 miles away, I will be forced to procure gifts by alternate means. I have been known to order some crazy things in the middle of …

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No Flare Jeans Allowed!

Yesterday I got an education in teen fashion. I thought I would be nice and head to the local Kohl’s–only 150 miles round trip–to buy my 14 year old daughter, Nicole, a couple pairs of jeans. Paying little attention to anything but size I picked up a couple pair for less than 40 bucks. I thought it was a heck …

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30 Days About Me. Day 26: Favorite Clothing Store

This month I am participating in a blog challenge. It is 30 Days About Me from the blog a Daily Dose of Toni. Today’s topic is favorite clothing store Let me first say, and I have said it all month, that I am the only guy participating in this challenge. That being said. I love to shop. I have spent …

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