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Psycho Circus Alaska Airlines Style

Well, here we are again on the psycho circus, otherwise known as the cattle train to the great white north. This time it is a rare treat. I’m on one of the few combi planes in the Alaska Airlines fleet. It is unique in that it the front of the plane is loaded with cargo–most likely people’s impulse purchaes from …

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Smash that Ball Flea!

I am so proud of my little girl! Nicole is a freshman at Houston High School in Alaska and is the starting catcher on the junior varsity team and the back-up catcher on varsity. As a freshman! Nicole is away from home for the first time playing games in Kenai and Homer. On the way down she texted me and …

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A Dickie with a headset trying to be King

chef's choice burger

At a recent stop at Burger King in the booming metropolis of Anchorage, Alaska, Michele and I walked into a firestorm behind the counter. Some young guy with what looked like a 5 o’clock shadow but was most likely a 5-week old beard was being yelled at by the manager in a pressed white polyester shirt, a pair of Dickies, …

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Lucky Wishbone, Kissing Irishmen and Sled Dogs

Lucky Wishbone Chicken

Michele and I headed out early for Anchorage to pick up Hugh Neff’s Iditarod team at the airport. He finished 17th this year and we are proud of him and his dogs for running a great race. But that is a story for another day…. On our way down to the city we talked about stopping for breakfast. Denny’s was …

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Iditarod 40: How to they keep track of 1000 dogs?

iditarod dog tags

In this year’s Iditarod sled dog race there are 66 mushers and over one thousand dogs that will spread across 975 miles of trail in some of the most remote conditions in North America. One question that I am always asked is: How to they keep track of all these dogs? Starting as soon as the weather cools and the …

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Iditarod 40: Mushing Radio premiere episode

mushing magazine

Last night we aired the premiere episode of Mushing Radio from the studios of KVRF 89.5 in Palmer, Alaska. With a few hiccups it went well and I am pleased with the results. The only drawback that I have is that we did not record this episode as a podcast so that folks can listen at a later date. I …

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Too Cold for Al’s in Alaska

Thats Cold

Its been a cold winter in Alaska. I may still be a cheechako because to me -30 out in the dog yard is might cold on the ole’ fingers. In Anchorage they are saying that it has been the coldest January on record. So cold that they are not letting the kids out to play at school recess. That’s right …

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Y (not Why), Alaska

Y, Alaska

I have said a few times in my blog, that they do things different in Alaska. Not only is just about everything bigger (and better) up here in the Great White North but there are also some things that are quite peculiar too. Take the town, village, hamlet or what ever you want to call it, named Y, Alaska. That’s …

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Rock this place to the ground…

Earthquakes are common in Alaska. In fact they happen every day. Check it out: Daily = 50-100 Weekly = 400-700 Monthly = 1500-3000 Yearly = ~24000 I have lived here almost a year now. August 4th marks the anniversary. I can honestly say that I have never felt an earthquake until this morning at exactly 6:00 am. The 5.3 magnitude …

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