Winter Expedition

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After months of planning, the first winter expedition class will be held through the University of Alaska Anchorage HPER Department. Here is the course info: 2 credit course through UAA Only EIGHT (8) spots are available! Cost: $1000 and that includes all course tuition and fees This course took over a year of planning to develop and we are excited …

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Perfect Pan Steak

• First, ask your butcher for a 3.3-pound well-marbled bone-in ribeye in vacuum packaging. The bone is important, because it helps to keeps the meat moist. The vacuum part is important too, because it will avoid oxidation. • Put the meat out of the fridge at room temperature (not in a hot room, just normal temperature) for 24 hours inside …

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Limited Edition Night Vision Musher Poster

Night Vision Musher: Our limited edition, signed Night Vision Musher poster, designed by artist Cameo Anderson and taking inspiration from 1982’s The Thing a movie by John Carpenter, is available exclusively to our GoFundMe backers. This poster (size 32×24) is signed by Robert, Michele and Nicole, and limited to just 100 prints. Once we get 100 pledges they will be …

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Horror Lovers Challenge. Day 3: Creepiest dead body


I am participating in a 30 day challenge. This time it is all about horror! If you know anything about us here at the Fort you would know that we are hard core horror fans. Each October we watch a movie each night in what we dub as “The 31 Nights of Horror.” Day 3: Creepiest dead body The exploding …

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Alaskan Razor Clams

razor clams

Alaskan Razor Clams are some of the best eating clams in the Pacific Northwest, if not in the country. We got about 10 pounds of them from my son, Tyler’s friend a couple months ago and had them in the freezer. I thought it would make a nice spring dish to welcome in the warmer temperatures and start our plans …

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31 Nights of Horror. Night 18: Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock’s best work, at least in my opinion, is Psycho (1960). It is the benchmark for American cinema today. It not only has superb acting with Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh nailing it from early on in the film, to cool visual effects and camera work that Baby Boomers weren’t accustomed to. Hitchcock is pure genius. He kept the …

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NaBloPoMo: Is there any game you are too old to play?

I am participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge for May. It should be a fun one. It is titled: Play. Todays topic is: Is there any game you are too old to play? What is the old adage? If it is too loud, you are too old? I think the same thing applies to games. I guess it would be unfair to play little …

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A Dickie with a headset trying to be King

chef's choice burger

At a recent stop at Burger King in the booming metropolis of Anchorage, Alaska, Michele and I walked into a firestorm behind the counter. Some young guy with what looked like a 5 o’clock shadow but was most likely a 5-week old beard was being yelled at by the manager in a pressed white polyester shirt, a pair of Dickies, …

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In 1987 a dream was born (Part 6)…


The Iditarod celebrated its 40th anniversary this past March with Willow (AK) musher, Dallas Seavey winning the race. While checking out YouTube I came across a series of videos that captured my attention. They were Iditarod videos, old school style! When they were made, this years winner was just born days after. Robert Forto and Team Ineka are training for …

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House of Ghosts

house of ghosts

The world premiere of House of Ghosts is drawing near! If you are a fan of the drive-in and the ultra-cool, albeit sometimes cheesy, sci-fi thrillers of the 1950’s then you will love the films of Christopher R. Mihm. Mihm is the undisputed master of the new-age black and white genre that has been known to draw fans from far …

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