Team Ineka

Team Ineka at the Sled Dog Stampede

On Sunday, Team Ineka’s Robert and Tyler Forto took part in the sled dog stampede at the Willow Winter Carnival in Alaska. We had so much fun! (Well, after about 12 guys, a couple shovels helped get our dog truck un-stuck) The Stampede goes a little something like this: A team of two mushers and up to an eight dog …

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A Visit with Team Ineka

I was interviewed yesterday for a blog about my dogs and Team Ineka. I am so thankful for the opportunity. Check it out! Oh Dog!  I am SO excited!  Today I’m talking with Robert Forto of Dog Works Training Centers about his sled dog teams. Why am I so excited?  Well, as you know, I am a Malamute, and Malamutes …

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Training Run: 9-20-11

Notes:  Great training runs with the two teams. We have broken down the dogs into two main teams with a few extras that we are moving in and out daily. We are started fall training in earnest. By this time next month we want 10 miles with  the dogs itching for more! Read More…

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