Metallica in Portland Live Recording

Metallica in Portland Robert Forto

  Metallica does it right. One of the coolest souvenirs from a concert is not a black shirt, a poster, hat, or picture with the band. It is a live recording from the concert. When we attending the Metallica show at the Rose Bowl during our Rock n Roller 17 tour we ordered a cd of the show and it …

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Coaster Geeks Podcast Launch

Join Robert and Michele Forto as they launch their brand new podcast, Coaster Geeks. This fun show is about their travels across the country searching out some of the best coasters. On each episode you will hear about their travels, their favorite coasters, food at the park, attractions, special events, and more. This project has been talked about since they …

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ACE Preservation Conference: Indiana Beach

It has been quite the summer! The Rock n Roller Coaster Tour across America has taken me from Orlando to the Northeast to middle America and I find myself at my second American Coaster Enthusiasts Preservation Conference. This year we are at Indiana Beach in Monticello, Indiana and Michigan’s Adventure on the Great Lakes. Michele and I parted ways in …

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Rock n Roller 18: Story Land

There is a little park in the middle of New Hampshire that has been around for a very long time. It is Story Land. When we spent the week at The Christmas Farm Inn just up the road we had no idea that there was a theme park in the area. This was a paradise for a little kid. Heck …

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Rock n Roller 18: Coney Island and Impounded Rental Cars

Another red-eye from Alaska and Michele and I were stumbling on our feet as we unloaded from the plane at JFK in New York. Neither one of us had slept a wink on the long flight over and we knew it was going to be a very long day. Little did we know we would rack up almost 500 bucks …

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ACE Profile: Robert Forto

Occupation: Dog Musher Residence: Willow, Alaska. We are about an hour and a half north of Anchorage and at least a five hour flight to anywhere ACE Region: Northwest Track Record (Since 2015): Wood: 97 Steel: 251 Total: 348 Most difficult coaster to add to your track record: Time Traveler Most sought after coaster to get to: Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point What was the first …

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