Robert Forto

My daughter is growing up too fast!

It seemed just like yesterday my little girl Nicole would rock out to White Zombie with a sippy cup in one hand a cookie in the other in her car seat as we travelled down the mountain into Denver to run errands. Now she is growing up to become a very smart, beautiful young lady. She is entering her senior …

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Opening Day 2012: Who You Rootin’ For?

It’s opening day for Americas past time. 2430 games on tap this season.  Sure the NFL is now America’s game, at least on TV. Even with an annoying Collinsworth on NBC it is hard to beat Sunday Night in America. But there are a lot of baseball fans out there. Games are on almost every night on ESPN and a …

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Vintage 1971

vintage 1971

Like a great whiskey, fine wines, and maybe prime beef, they say things get better with age? But do they? I am 41 years old today. At 9:05 pm over four decades ago I came into this world to two parents full of hope and optimism of great things to come. I was their first child born shortly after the …

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I’m a 1%er!

1 percenter

I’m a 1%er! No, not an outlaw biker gang member that uses the moniker to distinguish themselves as the bad of the bad. Actually I am a 1%er in the eyes of the State of Alaska. In 2010, Alaska’s population grew by 1.7%. Of Alaska’s 29 boroughs and census areas, 24 grew between the 2010 Census and the 2011 estimate. …

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Holiday Pet Safety

My name is Robert Forto and I am the training director of Denver Dog Works and Alaska Dog Works. I am asked all the time about holiday do’s and don’ts from pet owners. While I always offer an article right around Christmas about training Christmas puppies I thought it would be wise to offer some tips to pet owners on holiday safety before the season’s …

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A Christmas Puppy for a Gift? Maybe Not

Christmas Puppy?

A Christmas Puppy for a Gift? Maybe Not Events of this Christmas will have a profound impact on the dog training industry in April. All those cute puppy-in-a-stocking photos prompt unsuspecting people to give dogs as gifts, inevitably resulting in a high rate of premium business for me and my colleagues. A Christmas Puppy? Maybe Not “Christmas puppies” often are …

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The Daily Post: Those that believe

Today’s Daily Post topic is simple. Finish this sentence: There are two kinds of people in this world, those that… Well, in the spirit of the season who could not use the reference to Santa. There are two kinds of people in this world, those that believe and those that don’t. A clip from The Polar Express. One of my …

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