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31 Nights of Horror. Night 23: The Lost Boys

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Being a child of the 1980s I grew up on the films of Haim and Feldman. Yep, that’s right the two Corey’s. The Lost Boys (1987) is one of my all time favorites. Set in the fictional California town of Santa Clara and known as the “murder capital of the world” because of it’s vampire infestation, The Lost Boys quite ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror: Night 22: The Wolf Man

I have said it before and I will say it again, the classic monster movies from Universal Studios are the best. The Wolf Man (1941) is one of those. It is a story about a man that is literaly looking for love in all the wrong places and is cursed the affliction that has scared countless teen-aged boys to death ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror. Night 21: Rob Zombie’s Halloween

On could hardly fathom a re-make of one of the greatest classics in modern horror, John Carpenter’s Halloween. But shock rocker and horror genius, Rob Zombie did and did it well. With the return of Michael Myers to the big screen in 2007, Zombie brought the story back to life in such a viseral way that left many moviegoers absent ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror. Night 20: The Shining

The Shining (1980) is one of my favorite movies. I have watched it so many times that I can practically cite it line-by-line. It is a great story, even though is does not stay on pace with Stephen King’s story all that much. Jack Nicholson is brilliant. He nailed the role of “Jack” and set a standard for every other ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror. Night 17: Dracula

The original Dracula (1931) has probably spawned more re-makes and sequels than any other movie in American film history. It has set the bar for the blood lusting lady’s man that wears a cape and sports a widow’s peak. Bella Lugosi nailed it with superb acting even if it looks cheesy by today’s standards. The use of light brings on ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror. Night 15: Friday the 13th

There are horror films that stand the test of time. They are Dracula, Nightmare on Elm Street, Alien, Psycho. But many would argue that the original Friday the 13th (1980) and its hundred (or so) sequels, is one of those. Back in the early 80s when butterfly collars were cool and speedo swimsuits, enter Kevin Bacon, were all the rage, ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror. Night 16: Van Helsing

My horror movie tastes span across a large area in the genre. I love the classic movie monsters of the 1930s, the grindhouse-type flicks of the 1970s, some sic-fi and slash ‘em ups and even some of the fake documentary stuff that has become really popular lately. But there is one film that pays homage to all the classics and ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror. Night 10: The Fields

There are movies that you watch that are just so terrible that you just want it to end. I remember when I was very young my dad took me to see the movie, The Deep at the theater. It was so bad that my dad was pacing the aisles before it was halfway over. The Fields (2011) was one such ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror: Night 11: Candyman

When my daughter, Nicole was 3 years old I can remember her sitting with her dad on his lap in his Lay-Z-Boy and watching this movie. Here we are 12 years later and she loves this stuff! What have a done? Created a monster? Who says that letting your kids watch scary movies at the age of a toddler will ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror. Night 12: Night of the Living Dead

Tonight film is Tom Savini’s verison of the George A. Romero classic, Night of the Living Dead. When it was released in 1990 it is almost an exact scene-for-sence remake of the classic (1968). It is said that some of the reasoning behind this that Savini thought no matter how good the orginal film was, moviegoer’s of the 1990s would ... Read More »