Enter Sandman

Enter Sandman: Silky Soul

Last night’s music experience at the Fort was channel 843: Silky Soul. Okay, okay, I am a total METRO! I turned it from Full Metal Jacket hard core rock to something that’s–let’s just say a little silky… We are trying to sleep for goodness sake! Save the head bangin’ for the weekend. I’ll be 41 next Friday. You don’t want …

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Enter Sandman: Honky Tonk Tavern

Last night’s music experience at the Fort was channel 811: Honky Tonk Tavern. It’s hard to believe that both Michele and I actually enjoyed this. It started off with a gospel tune from the great Johnny Cash and ended somewhere with a rocking, twangy tune by Dwight Yoakam. He was excellent in Slingblade as Dale but did you know that …

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Enter Sandman: Malt Shop Oldies

Last night’s music experience here at the Fort was channel 802: Malt Shop Favorites. This was the music I most remember growing up and taking road trip vacations in the Family Truckster. I have such fond memories of those summers with my step-dad, Mike singing North to Alaska by Johnny Horton. This song even played tonight and it immediately brought …

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