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Rolex Explorer II


After looking at Rolex watches for years I finally walked into the Ben Bridge store in Anchorage, the only authorized dealer for Rolex in Alaska last weekend. At this point I had never held one of these watches in my hand and really didn’t know what to expect including the price. I had read a lot of forums online that ... Read More »

New Year’s Melt


Every year around New Years it warms up and everything melts and turns to ice. It makes it easy to find all the bowls that the ravens have carried off and all the swivels that have be frozen in place on the dog’s poles are now free but it makes clean up chores, a real chore if you know what ... Read More »

The Fort through the trees 


It’s the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year here in Willow, Alaska means about five hours of daylight but the sun never rises far from the horizon. Tomorrow we start gaining daylight, just a couple seconds.  Read More »

Dr. Seuss Forest

Dr Seuss Forest

Here in Willow, Alaska our property backs up to miles and miles of forests, tundra swamps and lakes. We use these trails to run our sled dogs and explore. Share a picture of where you live. Read More »