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Gratitude Journal: Sunrises

Suntises  Robert Forto

One of my most favorite things in the world are sunrises. I am so grateful that I get to experience them in my own way. Sunrises to me are a signal for a new beginning each day. They allow me to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Read More »

Gratitude Journal: Father and Daughter

Nicole and Robert Forto

This picture says it all. I am so grateful for the time I get to spend with my kids, my daughter, Nicole in particular. This is her at the start of this year’s Junior Iditarod and I am probably the most proud that I have ever been. This photo shows 14 years of working together on the trails, with the ... Read More »

Purple Day: Gabby

Gabby Team Ineka

I wanted to show my support of Purple Day for Canine Epilepsy Awareness for my my good friend, The Five Sibes Mom and co-host of The Sibe Vibe radio show, Dorothy Wills-Raftery. This is Gaby wearing her purple bandana on the Junior Iditarod this year. Gabby is a six year old Alaskan Husky that runs on my daughter, Nicole’s dog ... Read More »

Gratitude Journal: Spencer

Team Ineka Spencer

I am grateful for my faithful friend Spencer and his ever-present smile. He arrived almost four years ago from my friend, Hugh Neff and he has been a steadfast teammate ever since. He has been on just about every training run and every race I have ran in Alaska. We have spent more than 12,000 miles together on the trails. ... Read More »

31 Nights of Horror 2014


As always, October means 31 Nights of Horror at Forto’s Fort. This year was a little different than most in that we not only went to Hawaii in the middle of it. Almost all of the movies this time where ones that we don’t watch all the time. Of course there were the annual favorites like Trick r’ Treat and ... Read More »

It seems just like yesterday…


My little girl is growing up too fast. The other day she took a major step in becoming an independent young woman when she passed her driver’s test to get her driver’s license. It is one of the most proud moments of my life and when I saw the picture of her holding her little card I started to cry. ... Read More »

Six Women of Salem book review

In American History class we had to read a monographic (a very long freaking book about a single subject in history). As a horror buff and purveyor of the macabre I chose the Salem Witch Trails of course. Attached is my first attempt at a (decent length) college paper. I hope you enjoy, footnotes and all! Book review Read More »

Garlic dill pickles

2014-09-02 09.08.30

Often called kosher-style dill pickles, these are quick to make. Use either small whole cucumbers or cut large ones into quarters. For an additional interesting flavor, tuck in a small dried red pepper into each jar. We always try to get pickling cucumbers in the short summer months here in Alaska at the local farmers markets. This year we picked ... Read More »

Pickled garlic

2014-09-02 09.08.53

I am glad I am not a vampire. I love garlic on everything! Recently Michele and I tried out a pickled garlic recipe. Here it is: Prep 45 minutes Cook 15 minutes Ready in 21 days Ingredients: 1/2 pound garlic, peeled 1 large red bell pepper, chopped 2 cups distilled white vinegar 2/3 cup white sugar 1/2 teaspoon ground dry ... Read More »