Rock n Roller 16: Dorney Park and Kennywood


It was just a couple hour drive from New Jersey to our next stop on the tour, Dorney Park. This park was part of the Cedar Faire family along with Cedar Point and a later park on the tour, Kings Island so it was added late in the planning stages when we decided to get a season pass. Remember, when …

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Trip to the Top of the World


Last July Michele and I jumped in the FJ and headed North. Our goal was to tip our toes in the Arctic Ocean in Deadhorse, Alaska. I had written a post about this before but somehow it was deleted so here is a group of photos from our travels. It was a trip that we will never forget! We visited …

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Rolex Explorer 2

Rolex Explorer 2 Robert Forto

In January my wife allowed me to do something that I have wanted to do my whole life. I bought a Rolex. An Explorer 2 to be exact. Look at this way, I am middle age and I could have bought a corvette or something. Instead I bought a watch that will become an heirloom in my family, one that …

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Rock n Roller 16: New York City and El Torro


We awoke early in our fancy-dancy hi-rise hotel room in the heart of the Big Apple and headed to the truck. We were both surprised that we weren’t towed and more importantly sideswiped. The parking spot we were in was designed for one of those Smart Cars. We headed into the bowels of Queens in search of an ATM. I …

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Rock n Roller 16: Witches and Lobsters

Portland Head Light Rock n Roller 16

This would be the first day since our long drive across the Great Plains in Kansas that would be without coasters. Thats okay, we are doing something that both Michele and I have wanted to do our whole lives. I have always wanted to visit Salem and learn about the witches, and Michele wanted to eat lobster in Maine. We …

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Rock n Roller 16: Radio show and Lake Compounce


We are in New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley to meet with a good friend of mine that I have never met. Her name is Dorothy and she is known as the Five Sibes Mom in the Internet world. She is very active in the doggie community and she and I host a show together called The Sibe Vibe. …

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Rock n Roller 16: Cedar Point

Cedar Point Rock n Roller 16

I had been looking forward to this day my whole life! Today Michele and I would be at the Roller Coaster Capital of the World, Cedar Point on the shores of Lake Erie in the small town of Sandusky, Ohio. We have been on the road for five days on the rock n roller 16 coaster tour across America and …

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Rock n Roller 16: Six Flags St. Louis

Bommerang Six Flags St Louis

After a long drive over from Denver the previous day and a comfortable stay in the Comfort Suites we headed to the local Walmart to pick up some supplies before heading into our first part of the now famous, Rock n Roller 16 Coaster Tour across America. We stocked up on sunscreen, breakfast and some toiletries that we did not …

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Winter Expedition

Dreamchaser Leadership Logo

After months of planning, the first winter expedition class will be held through the University of Alaska Anchorage HPER Department. Here is the course info: 2 credit course through UAA Only EIGHT (8) spots are available! Cost: $1000 and that includes all course tuition and fees This course took over a year of planning to develop and we are excited …

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What piece do you have to be in Monopoly?


I was looking over some of my old posts from years ago on my site and this topic came up: What piece do you have to be in Monopoly?  As many of us know, with our busy latte sippn’ Facebook posting, non-committal lives, sitting down for 39 hours to play a full game of Monopoly is not high on …

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