Mushin' Down a Dream in the Wilds of Alaska

Rock n Roller 17: Santa Cruz Boardwalk

One of my favorite places to go in California is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Amusement Park. I have been fascinated by this place since I saw it for the first time as the backdrop for one of my favorite movies of all time, The Lost Boys. In the movie a group of vampires stalk potential victims on a boardwalk …

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Rock n Roller 17: Discovery Kingdom

In early May I started the third annual Rock n Roller Coaster Tour Across America on my own with a trip to California to take a swift water rescue course for my studies at UAA. Being a coaster geek, I thought I could get in a theme park or two or three while I was on this trip. My first …

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Fortos Fort: Seven Years in the Making

Seven years ago today, me and my then 12-year old daughter pulled into the driveway of a run-down cabin in the woods near the little community of Willow, Alaska. We were city slickers from Denver in search of adventure. We had come here to look at a place were we could run sled dogs and get away from the hustle …

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Is it sacrilege for grown men to wear Uggs?

Yep, I am a full grown man and while I have owned a pair or two of Uggs in my lifetime, I am not afraid to sport them around town. Heck, if Tom Brady (New England Patriots quarterback) can be their spokesman I guess its okay, right? In fact I found something WAY cooler than the Australian slippers that are …

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A Dickie with a headset trying to be King

At a recent stop at Burger King in the booming metropolis of Anchorage, Alaska, Michele and I walked into a firestorm behind the counter. Some young guy with what looked like a 5 o’clock shadow but was most likely a 5-week old beard was being yelled at by the manager in a pressed white polyester shirt, a pair of Dickies, …

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Today’s topic is: Write a strong memory about recess. It was kindergarten at Highlawn Elementary School in Huntington, West Virginia and a beautiful spring day. School was nearing the end of the year and I have been flirting this little girl friend that sat across the room from me during playtime. Her name was Kelly and she was soooo pretty. …

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