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31 Nights of Horror 2014


As always, October means 31 Nights of Horror at Forto’s Fort. This year was a little different than most in that we not only went to Hawaii in the middle of it. Almost all of the movies this time where ones that we don’t watch all the time. Of course there were the annual favorites like Trick r’ Treat and ... Read More »

It seems just like yesterday…


My little girl is growing up too fast. The other day she took a major step in becoming an independent young woman when she passed her driver’s test to get her driver’s license. It is one of the most proud moments of my life and when I saw the picture of her holding her little card I started to cry. ... Read More »

Six Women of Salem book review

In American History class we had to read a monographic (a very long freaking book about a single subject in history). As a horror buff and purveyor of the macabre I chose the Salem Witch Trails of course. Attached is my first attempt at a (decent length) college paper. I hope you enjoy, footnotes and all! Book review Read More »

Registered for 2015 spring semester


Registered for spring semester classes. Excellent mix: Anatomy, Intro to Business, Environmental Ethics, Core Concepts in Health Sciences, the PE triad, Beginning Sea Kayaking and Crevasse Rescue Techniques as shown in the picture. Can’t wait! ‪#‎MidlifeinCollege‬ Read More »

Garlic dill pickles

2014-09-02 09.08.30

Often called kosher-style dill pickles, these are quick to make. Use either small whole cucumbers or cut large ones into quarters. For an additional interesting flavor, tuck in a small dried red pepper into each jar. We always try to get pickling cucumbers in the short summer months here in Alaska at the local farmers markets. This year we picked ... Read More »

Pickled garlic

2014-09-02 09.08.53

I am glad I am not a vampire. I love garlic on everything! Recently Michele and I tried out a pickled garlic recipe. Here it is: Prep 45 minutes Cook 15 minutes Ready in 21 days Ingredients: 1/2 pound garlic, peeled 1 large red bell pepper, chopped 2 cups distilled white vinegar 2/3 cup white sugar 1/2 teaspoon ground dry ... Read More »

Walmart Layaway

Black friday mania

  It’s that time of year again. Walmart layaway! Just when you thought it was safe to shop on every other day of the year EXCEPT that Friday after you have gorged yourself on bird, the worlds largest retailer has brought back memories of Christmas past when you could load up a cart and take it to the back of ... Read More »

Midlife Crisis: Big Changes


A lot of men make a change or two when they reach the half way mark in the journey we call life. Some buy red sports cars and pursue online dating services for the younger gal. Others all the sudden start saving for retirement that they have neglected to think about for the first twenty years of their working lives, ... Read More »

Dog Works Radio presents Rob Gutro

Join host, Robert Forto as we welcomes author, Rob Gutro, to talk about his new book, Pets and the Afterlife on Dog Works Radio. On this episode we talk to the author about the importance of grieving, what life energy is, how our pets communicate with us after they have passed and much more. Learn more about our guest here: ... Read More »