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Standing on Top of the World

Atigan Pass

This past weekend, Michele and I took what can be called the ultimate road trip. We drove 800 miles each way to dip our toes in the Arctic Ocean. Van Halen has a song, Standing on Top of the World, and that’s what we did for a little while. We had been thinking about this trip for the past couple ... Read More »

Sockeye Salmon in the Smoke House

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.29.12 AM

Here at Forto’s Fort we have a smoke house that we built a few years ago for the purpose of smoking delicious sockeye (red) salmon we catch each year in Kasilof, AK dip netting. For those of you who don’t know what dip netting is, here in Alaska its residents are allowed to “catch” 25 sockeye salmon for the head ... Read More »

Chicken in the Smokehouse


We have had our smoke house for three years. We have smoked our fair share of sockeye salmon every July that we catch dip netting in Kasilof. We have done chicken wings and a beef brisket on a Super Bowl Sunday but we had never tried a full bird. We decided that we would give it a try while we ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: Sweet Home Alaska!

Robert Forto

As we headed onto the plane back home we had a moment to reflect on our whirlwind trip up and down the east coast. It was one that we didn’t plan much and sort of flew by the seat of our pants. Much as been talked about our rental car, the go-cart as we call it in our story. I ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: Back to Charm City

Robert Forto

We were on the road and heading south by 1pm. We had a long drive to Baltimore and wanted to be there before dinner. We made our way through New Jersey and a quick jaunt through Delaware, making it to the eighth state and the nations capital on our go-cart tour of the East Coast. We stopped briefly as we ... Read More »

Why Not Tri 2015

Why Not Tri 2015 bib

As a musher I train all winter to run my dogs in the cold. I love it. I love the feeling of being outside at twenty below with just me and my dog team and the freezing air on my face. It makes me feel alive! For the past two summers I have participated in the Why Not Tri event ... Read More »

East Coast Road Trip: Roller Coaster Tour Day 2

Robert Forto

After we finished our fun filled day at Busch Gardens we had to drive about an hour north towards Kings Dominion, the next stop on our roller coaster tour. When I lived in Virginia, we used to go to Kings Dominion all the time. It was only about an hour south of our place in Lake Ridge and it was ... Read More »