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Hello! You are probably here because you want to talk or have something to say. There a few ways to get a hold of me.


Follow my news and updates on Twitter, my whereabouts on Foursquare and  relationship status on Facebook.



You can give me a call on the phone if you want. Just remember that I am in Alaska. That means if it is 8 AM in New York City its only 4 AM here. I am not as young as I used to be so I doubt I am still up at that hour. Leave me a message or better yet, text!

Snail Mail

You can send me a letter but I live in Alaska. We don’t get mail at the house like you guys do in the big city. That means I have to get in the car, drive to the post office and pick up your letter. Aside from that it takes DAYS for a letter to get here from Outside.

My birthday is on March 2nd. I am registered at Target if you want to send a gift, a care package, or even a card.

You can send me a telegram!

Or better yet, just fill out this simple form and it will send alarms all over the place that you want to talk to me. I will respond right away.


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