31 Nights of Horror 2014

As always, October means 31 Nights of Horror at Forto’s Fort. This year was a little different than most in that we not only went to Hawaii in the middle of it.

Almost all of the movies this time where ones that we don’t watch all the time. Of course there were the annual favorites like Trick r’ Treat and Carrie and for some reason this year there was quite a bit of Stephen King.

Here is the list for this year.

1. Silver Bullet

2. The Lords of Salem

3. Escape from Tomorrow

4. Pet Semetery

5. Insidious: Chapter 2

6. Army of Darkness

7. Trilogy of Terror

8. Psycho

9. The Sacrament

10. The Devils Carnival

11. Bad Kids go to Hell

12. It

13. Gargoyles

14. Critters

15. House of Frankenstein

16. Devil

17. Trick r’ Treat

18. Pumpkinhead

19. Re-animator

20. Twilight Zone: The Movie

21. You’re Next

22. V/H/S

23. 28 days Later

24. Saw

25. An American Werewolf in London

26. Dracula Untold

27. Twisted Sisters

28. Child’s Play 2

29. The Late Night Double Feature

30. Halloween 2

31. Halloween: Season of the Witch

32. Final Destination 5

33. Halloween

34. Carrie

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