30 Days About Me. Day 17: Insecurity

I am participating in a blog challenge this month. It is 30 Days About Me from the blog a Daily Dose of Toni.

Each day we share a little bit about what makes us tick.

Today is one that is a little hard to answer for me. It is what is my biggest insecurity. I am going to keep this light. REAL LIGHT. I am particpating in this challenge with a bunch of ladies. Yep, I think I am the only guy. But hey, that is not making me insecure. No way!

I am not really insecure about much of anything. To the contrary. I think I am fully accepting of my flaws, undoings, problems, misgivingings, and all the rest…

I guess the thing that makes me think the most about in this area of dysmorphophobia are my tattoos.

I have four of them. Sure they all have meaning and a great story to tell but I was young when I got them.

Everyone has tattoos these days. Heck I have seen judges, teachers, and even a four year old with ink but a lot has changed in just the last decade or so in the techniques and inks that they use.

But what keeps me up at night–well not really– is what will happen to all of these millions of people throughout the world that have all this beautiful ink in their 20s, 30s and even 40s.  Not to mention the freaks with holes in their ears the size of a small saucer.

My father-in-law’s tattoo is a great example. He will tell you it is a rose that he got when he was in the navy. Now 40 or maybe 50 years later my 14 year old daughter says it looks like a baked potato!

Imagine that beautiful rose tattoo that you are so happy to get when you young and now it looks like a greenish-blackish blob on your forearm.

So if you still want to run out and get sleeved up (as they call full arm tattoos) and you are only 25 think about what you will look like when you have your grandkids sitting on your lap while you read them the funny papers.

I’m just sayin’…


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  1. The tattoo on my fathers arm originally read Judy, the name of my mother. In 1990 he got it covered up with a rose. Cover up tattoos are awful. But he would agree with Robert, don’t get one, you never know where life will lead you. I personally have two, one no one ever sees on my foot the other is on my ankle. I don’t regret either of then but both were well thought out.

  2. I love tats, but you’re right… They only look good for a while. I have 691 on the back of my neck- my husband’s badge number. I have a love/hate relationship with it. :/

  3. I have a tattoo and I do always hope it maintains its color, shape, etc. Thankfully I got it for me where only I see it on a regular basis so no one will know if it gets messed up.

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